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Department Business Scope
Import Dept.1      Introduce advanced equipment for technological reconstruction of domestic medium and large enterprises in energy, traffic, electromechanical, chemical, communication, medicine and light textile industries.
     Self-run import of staple raw materials.
Import Dept.2
Export Dept.1      Export electromechanical products, art crafts, light industry daily commodities and textile products.
     Products include electric starters, manual tools, key rings, ribbon, flags, decorations, badges, silica gel bracelets, bamboo and wooden Christmas art crafts, sartorius and spare parts and clothes etc.
Export Dept.2
Foreign Economic    Coop.Dept.1      Be engaged in labor service cooperation, export of labor service to Taiwan offshore and deep sea fishery.
    Explore the labor service market in countries and regions such as America, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Middle East, Russia, Viet Nam, Cambodia and South Africa etc.
     Send out all kinds of managerial staffs, engineers, architects, accountants, chefs, sailors, designers, teachers, horticulturists, breeding experts, technicians and other service staffs.
     Provide the external with labor export consultancy; accept agency business and staff training business from foreign institutions, enterprises, organizations and customers.
Foreign Economic    Coop.Dept.2
Engineering Dept.      Be engaged in international project contracts and implement China’s foreign aid projects, including.
    Construct under contracts a batch of stadiums, power stations, roads, bridges, schools, residences, hospitals and office buildings.
     Develop and operate farms, tea farms and breeding farms.
     Undertake a batch of economic and technological consultancy in the field of civil engineering, electricity, textile, light industry and chemistry.
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